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Call Centre Workstations

Interior Systems & Furniture's offer a wide range of workstations that combine progressive design with attention to detail, bring pleasing environments for call centre areas.

30mm Thickness Solid core for stability
Vibrant  screen fabric colours
Foam backed for pinning
Aluminum extruded vertical and top rails
Available in custom sizes
Also 200mm wave drop
Optional clear glass tile 200mm or 900mm from top down

Our workstation systems can adapt easily to reflect changing work environments with adaptable and easy to reconfigure components. Our designers can put together a system to suit your needs, space and budget.

Our team is able to work with you from the planning stage through to the supply of furniture, reception areas, storage, partitions and cabling to ensure that the final result reflects your company's image while providing a functional environment in which to work.

Call us on for a no obligation discussion and find out how we can better plan your workspace.

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Interior systems & Furniture
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