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Office Partitioning

Areas such as executive offices, storage rooms, accounts payable and receivable and staff areas need to be quiet, private and secure from your visitors.

Office partitions are the perfect solution to separate areas into secure, private spaces.

Office partitions can be manufactured in many different styles materials and colours. They can be floor to ceiling or half height, free standing or fixed and they can even be supplied with a wall on one side and storage or workspace on the other.

For other Partitioning categories you might like to view.

Our team is able to work with you from the planning stage through to the supply of furniture, reception areas, storage, partitions and cabling to ensure that the final result reflects your company's image while providing a functional environment in which to work.

Workspace Planning

Call us on for a no obligation discussion and find out how we can better plan your workspace.

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Interior systems & Furniture
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