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Spektrum Cube – Storage System

The paperless office has not yet arrived in fact research has revealed that the more that modern technology invades work spaces the greater the volume of paper generated... so the storage of paper is a major problem to any office manager.

Spektrum Cube solves the problem, adding a third dimension to partitioning and at the same time providing optimum use of floor space with highly efficient storage.

Spektrum Cube is an efficient and cost effective storage system based around a vast range of modular components which are fully interchangeable and relocatable. The internal arrangement of the cabinets and fittings available is as vast as the variety of modern office organization and filing systems.

Spektrum Cube has a PVC Seal element edge to provide soft closing of the doors, dust sealing and acoustic insulation for room dividing units. All components used in spektrum cube are of the highest quality, manufactured in accordance with standards relevant in their field.

Spektrum Cube can be installed in any building structure, but one of its unique advantages is that it can be incorporated into a partition design layout. This can greatly reduce the cost of partitioning and at the same time make more economical use of floor space for storage.

Our team is able to work with you from the planning stage through to the supply of furniture, reception areas, storage, partitions and cabling to ensure that the final result reflects your company's image while providing a functional environment in which to work.

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