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Workspace Planning

Need more space? Try our Computer Aided Design.

At Interior Systems & Furniture we provide a professional consultation process with a workplace audit to ascertain the exact requirements of your business, workflow, and number of personnel.

We take into account any preferences or needs that you might have. We measure every inch of your office, carefully taking note of where you may need data and other cabling, extra power and computer wall plugs, ventilation, lighting, office partitions and workstations.

Our experts take all of this information back to our offices where we use our cutting edge Computer Aided Design [CAD] systems to model your new office layout in 3D.

Once we have completed the 3D modelling, we are able to provide advice on a layout that would best suit your needs and show you where you may find additional space. For example a four pod workstation that seats four users in comfort and privacy may take up the space of two desks.

At this stage you'll see how your new office lay-out will look and exactly where everything thing will go before you place your order - including colour scheme. The above image shows a 3D model of a one of our completed projects. In this instance our experts turned an open office space in an old building into a tastefully presented professional office suite complete with boardroom.

Call us on 0408 832 133 or e-mail us at to arrange a no obligation discussion and find out how we can better plan your workspace.

Our team is able to work with you from the planning stage through to the supply of furniture, reception areas, storage, partitions and cabling to ensure that the final result reflects your company's image while providing a functional environment in which to work.

Call us on for a no obligation discussion and find out how we can better plan your workspace.

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